With over 78% of the US using one or more social media platforms on a regular basis, having a strong social media presence is an opportunity that your company simply cannot pass up.

Unfortunately, though, social media marketing doesn’t happen overnight. An effective strategy takes time and requires consistency in the following areas:

Engaging Content Creation, Company-Related Updates & Posts, Promotions & Social Campaigns, Social Media Activity Integration, Monitoring & Analytics.

Don’t know where to start with social media marketing? Or don’t have the time to implement or refine your approach?

Our team at Storytale Marketing Co. will create new ways for you to reach, connect, and grow with your customers across your preferred social media platforms.

Through fully immersing ourselves in your story and industry, we make sure your social media campaigns always have a personal touch. With these new customers funneling in through social media campaigns, we will drive more traffic to your website which will ultimately result in top line growth.